You must see these beaches in Crete

TOP 3+1 beaches in Crete (West)

You know… In every holiday destinations, there are sights, natural or human-made wonders, which if they were not visited during your holiday it would be like to miss the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Acropolis in Athens, or the Trevi Fountain in Rome.

And if you travel to a big island like Crete, the number of places you put on your „must see” list will undoubtedly multiply, and since we’re talking about a paradise with more than 1000 km of coastline, it’s no surprise that you can’t set a limit to sort the turquoise beaches.

Best Beaches Crete Elafonisi
Beach of Elafonisi

But can be one vacation enough to explore all the bays and all the colorful beaches in Crete, or is it better to make a selection in advance?

If your time is limited, I recommend you to start with Crete’s top-listed beaches and get to those beaches that you might seen in the travel brochure before you chose your holiday to Crete.

Here are 3 + 1 beaches in Crete (West) which you would really regret to miss

To make your life easier, I will also give you a few extra tips how to discover them

Gramvousa by boat
Opposite to Balos - Island of Gramvousa

1. Elafonisi

The world-famous Elafonisi, which shines sometimes in white and sometimes in pink, is guaranteed to make your eyes sparkle, but in fact, even the journey will write itself into the book of your Cretan adventures. 

You can reach the lagoon traveling from northern Crete to the southwestern corner of the island while you’re crossing tiny Greek villages and dancing beside deep gorges. 

You’ll walk through the ankle-deep water, and you will find yourself in a nature reserve of the Natura 2000 program, in a small island, which is Elafonisi itself. Check the map here to see where you can find Elafonisi.

Elafonisi Crete
Elafonisi and the pink sand
How to get to Elafonisi?
Excursion Crete Elafonisi
In the less busy island
MyCCollage tips to visit Elafonisi
Elafonisi Kreta
Elafonisi view

2. Balos lagoon

I can only mention Balos and Elafonisi on the same page, and this caribbean paradise is one of the favorites of beach lovers.

In the largest part of the lagoon, you can wander in the ankle-deep sea and if you’re lucky, you can even sink your feet into the pink sand. 

Like Elafonisi, Balos is also a nature reserve and that’s the reason why is it waiting for you just with a few parasols and with a small beach bar. The West Cretan wonder is considered one of the top in the world and attracts millions of tourists in each year. Check the map here to see where you can find Balos.

Balos Crete
Lagoon of Balos
How to get to Balos?
Crete Balos
Balos by boat
MyCCollage tips to visit Balos
Gramvousa Crete
If you choose a boat for Balos, you'll not miss Gramvousa

3. Falassarna

Would you like to keep the exotic beaches as your priority, but are you prefer a larger and therefore less crowded beach? Visit Falasarna and enjoy the foam of the azure sea in this spectacular paradise.

Try adrenaline-pumping water sports, or sit down in a family tavern and while enjoying the beauty of the coast, nibble from the tasty Greek dishes.

Check the map here to see where you can find Falassarna.

Falassarna Beaches in Crete
Amazing sandy Falassarna beach - One of the best beaches in Crete
How to get to Falassarna?
MyCCollage tips to visit Falassarna
Beaches in Crete Falassarna
Top beaches in Crete - Falassarna

+1. Seitan Limani

My personal favorite, but once you see this beach, you’ll might have the same oppinion.

Seitan Limani, means Satan’s harbour, may even remind you of the shipwrecked Navaggio Bay of Zakynthos, and although there are no wrecks here, the contrast of the sea breaking its way between the small white pebbles and red rocks forms a bright blue bay that will almost dazzle your eyes.

The beach is small, so it can be crowded on summer days, but the wonderful view and the goats, who make sure to not to get bored on the beach will compensate it.

Check the map here to see where you can find Seitan Limani.

Seitan Limania Excursion Crete
Seitan Limani - The small but spectaculare paradise beach in Crete
How to get to Seitan Limani?
Seitan Limania by boat
Seitan Limani - Amazing colors of the bay
MyCCollage tips to visit Seitan Limani
Seitan Limania Crete
Seitan Limani is not the biggest but one of the most beautiful beach of Crete

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